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Introducing Za Granicą, "Travel Abroad"

The theme for our March box is “Za Granicą”, or “Travel Abroad”. For us at Herbata, Spring brings a need to explore. What better way to explore than in the comfort of your own home? Sip these teas and immerse yourself in another culture.


“Hanami” is the Japanese tradition of welcoming spring. This lovely sencha green tea was inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms that arrive in late March. We’ve paired this sencha with both cherries and rose petals for a beautiful blend of floral and fruity flavors. This is a delicate tea so steeping it in 70 to 75 degree water will bring out the sweetness and avoid any astringency that comes with burning the tea leaves.

Pure Chai

Our take on a traditional Chai. This Masala Chai has a black tea base with your typical chai ingredients such as sweet cinnamon, fresh cardamom and clove. It also has delicious hints of vanilla, yum! Try making this one as a traditional chai – simmer this tea with equal parts milk and water over the stove. Add your desired sweeteners, fill your favorite mug and let the smell take you on a trip to India.

Crêpes aux Noisettes

The French have always been known for their culinary masterpieces and our Hazelnut Crepe tea was inspired by their famous delicacy. This is a black tea paired with almonds, brazil nuts, apples and vanilla beans. Try this one as a latte, it’s one of our faves!

Maple Fudge

We couldn’t forget our home and native land! This black tea was inspired by our favorite Canadian flavor – maple fudge! This is a rich tea boasting sweet cocoa nibs, fresh orange peel, apple bits and creamy calendula. We actually steeped this tea and added it into our favorite pancake recipe. It was delicious, eh?

We hope you enjoy your March teas! We love feedback, so let us know what you think of them. Don’t have a box yet? You have until March 25th to subscribe for our April box.