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Introducing Wakajce, the "Getaway"

January is “Wakacje”... which means “getaway” in Polish! The beginning of a new year, while full of all sorts of potential, can sometimes also be cold and gloomy. Not all of us are lucky enough to getaway during the winter, so we thought we’d bring the vacation to you! As you sip this month’s teas, get transported away to a warm beachfront of your dreams. Check the teas out here:

Ruby Sunrise

This is one of our favorite herbal blends. With juicy grapefruit, hibiscus, and lemongrass, this power combo create a deliciously fresh and fruity drink that will have you dreaming of summer! Try it both hot or over ice for a super smooth and refreshing experience.

Mojito Lime

Chill out and kick back with this homage to a classic cocktail. With background of green tea, cooling peppermint and a refreshing splash of lime, Mojito Mint is the perfect blend to make you feel relaxed. Protip: steep this tea and mix with ice, rum, lime juice and sugar and you have a perfect mojito!

Strawberry Sangria

Need a vacation? This sweet blend will take you far away! Strawberry Sangria is a sweet blend of premium oolong, juicy strawberries, apples and pears. Oolong tea is said to be a metabolism booster so this tea will fit right in with your New Year's resolution!

Blood Orange Mimosa

Perfect for your Sunday brunch, this blend of rooibos, orange, and pineapple steeps a delicious tea that will remind you of your favorite brunch cocktail. Hints of apple and safflower bring out a subtle sweetness. Mix well-steeped tea with some pineapple juice and a little bubbly for a delicious twist!

You’ve already received your January box and we can’t wait for you to get February! If you aren’t signed up, you only have until January 25th to purchase a subscription and get February’s wonderful box of sweet treats! We hope you enjoy. Here’s to a wonderful year!