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Introducing Kochanie, your "Sweetheart"

We’ve been muddling away (pun intended) waiting to tell all of you what February is all about.

We present, Kochanie [ko-hahn-ya].

Kochanie is Polish of course, for Sweetheart. Since February is the month of love, and all about your sweetheart, we wanted to make sure that you had a beautiful and rich month to sip through.

Molten Lava Cake

Yes, this sounds as good as you’re thinking in your head. Everything you need for a hot date or the yummiest solo dinner you’ve had in awhile. This rooibos and honeybush blend is paired with rich chocolate chips, caramel pieces and we’ve even added some rosebuds. Share it with a loved one or indulge yourself, it’s caffeine free so sip all night mixed with a cocktail.

Crème Caramel Spice

Don’t get this twisted with a basic white girl drink, this twist brings some major flavours to your tastebuds. Sit back and spice up your night with this decadent blend. A pu’erh [pu-air] tea base blended with real caramel pieces and sweet spices like cinnamon, ginger and clove. Our favourite original cocktail of the month is based around this yummy flair – this tea is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cranberry Rapture

A little more relaxed but still packed with flavour none the less. Cranberry Rapture is a refreshing blend of black and green tea, pineapple, coconut and cran-raisins. Sipping on this tea will make you feel like you’re living the island life with bae’s hand by your side.

Pineapple Chocolate Tapas

I don’t know about you, but we squealed when we tasted this one. You think you made a bomb dessert? Nah, kick your chocolate dipped fruit up a notch with our Pineapple Chocolate Tapas. Show your special someone just how much you care by sharing this luxurious black tea with sweet pineapple and luscious cocoa peel. So heat up that chocolate fondue and pour this out to pair.

Keep an eye out for the next few days while we delve deeper into each of these teas and tell you about the origins, flavours and what you can pair these with. Not to mention some delicious recipes.

From Herbata with love, Kochanie.