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Hi, we'll be back soon!

Hello tea lovers!

The two of us want to take a step back and learn how to take care of you better. We originally started Herbata with 4, but two weren’t unable to stay on board and that’s ok! We love that life happens and people move on, have new experiences and relationships. The original two of us, Michael and Jeremy, have taken over what is fundamentally Herbata at its core and what it means. We decided instead of scrambling to take over other duties and catch up, that we were going to take a couple months and organize, plan and create more content than we ever have before, except figuring out a great way to get it all to you and to deliver the BEST possible product at the same time.

Over the summer we’re going to create intimate stories, source outstanding teas, and develop delicious recipes and new ways for you to enjoy tea. We love Herbata and we love what we have brought to you so far. We’re taking this short hiatus to bring you even more and we know that you’ll love it when you see it.

Check back often on our social pages and the blog to see what we’re up to and to know when you can order again.

From Herbata, with love.

Michael & Jeremy