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February's Original Cocktails

This month in the world of spiked drinkables, we want to focus on the subtle flavours that each of these teas bring. Balancing them and bringing out unique characteristics while teasing your tongue with intrigue.

February’s flavours are flirtatious and rewarding as you explore the difference between taste and smell with subtle uses of citrus rind and fresh ingredients.

Molten Lava Funnel Cake

Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Molten lava FUNNEL CAKE. We’re going to combine the tasty treat of your Molten Lava Cake and the classic flavours of a funnel cake of strawberry, vanilla and a hint of whipped cream.

Yeah, whipped cream.

What you’re going to need:

  • Molten Lava Cake Tea (3 oz steeped, cooled) Your favourite Vodka (1 oz, we love the classic Goose)
  • Vanilla bitters (substitute regular vodka with vanilla flavoured if you can’t use vanilla bitters)
  • A handful of strawberries Whipped cream

How do you do it?

We’re going to shake this up a bit, so take the stems out of your strawberries and throw about 3 in the bottom of your shaker. Muddle them up well and add your vodka, cooled tea and 3 dashes of bitters to the shaker. Add ice and shake well until the entire shaker is very cold to the touch. Strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish your glass with a strawberry on the rim, then dab a little whipped cream on top for a bit of sensuality to the drink.

Crème Caramel Spiced

This is our favourite cocktail of the month. Like, favourite. This one is a darling as it plays with your senses. It chases you around the room a little bit while you think it’s going one way, it goes another. The hint of citrus as you inhale slowly before sipping gives your buds an extra sense of deception as you sip the sweet ginger out of the glass.

What you’re going to need:

  • Crème Caramel Spice Tea (3 oz steeped, cooled)
  • Your favourite Spiced Rum (1 oz, we suggest something lighter and not too dark)
  • Simple syrup (1 oz)
  • Orange rind
  • Fresh ginger
  • Cinnamon stick

How do you do it?

If you’re too far away and can’t invite us over to make this one, it’s a delicate balance but when achieved pays off incredibly well. Take care while making this one as the balance of fresh ginger and cinnamon can change the outcome, but in rewarding ways whether you like stronger flavours or smoother tones. There’s no wrong way, don’t worry.

We’re going to shake this one, so start with the fresh ginger and just start grating some of this into the shaker. You’re looking for about a level teaspoon worth of the fresh root. Next up, grab a cinnamon stick and start grating away as well, adding some flavour to the ginger on top. Don’t quite cover the ginger, but enough that you can see a good amount of cinnamon over top of it. Take your cooled off tea and pour it in followed by the spiced rum and simple syrup. Add ice and shake well until the shaker is too very cold to the touch. Strain into a rocks glass and top with ice. Take the orange rind and give a subtle twist, then brush it over the ice (don’t let the rind touch the ice, only float closely above it as you brush it over). Drop the orange rind in the glass and place a cinnamon stick inside.

The initial sip will smell deeply of citrus, but when your lips touch the glass you’ll get notes of sweet cinnamon, ginger and caramel all while your inhale the smell of citrus, then cinnamon. As you let this sit a bit, sip after sip will start to transform slightly as the influence of the cinnamon stick and orange rind steep in to the sweet cocktail. Enjoy this for a dessert on it’s own or a pre-dinner show off.

Cranberry Raptor

There’s no way I wasn’t naming this one the Raptor. While this tea boasts some mellow vibes with hearty flavours, we’re going to bring out it’s fiercer side for those bigger cocktail lovers.

Steep this tea with some fresh cranberries to add a bit more of blast to it, but totally up to you.

What you’re going to need:

  • Cranberry Rapture (3 oz steeped, cooled)
  • Your favourite Gin (1 oz, Okanagan Spirits Gin if you can get your hands on it)
  • 1 oz Simple Syrup

How do you do it?

Simplicity is key. This is a simple one as we want the flavours through the tea to bring out the hints of floral notes in the gin, and the strength of the gin to mellow out the flavours through the tea and give you an even, smooth sip each time. Steep your tea and cool it off. Pour over ice into a rocks glass followed by the simple syrup. Stir for about 15 seconds. Top off the ice and enjoy.

Pineapple Chocolate Colada

Why a colada? It can be such a treat. I personally don’t think of making these too often, and done right can be a rich flavourful experience. We’ve done it a little different with some added weight to the features

What you’re going to need:

  • Pineapple Chocolate Tapas Tea (3 oz steeped, cooled)
  • Your favourite Rum (2 oz)
  • 1 oz Coconut Cream
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Whipped Cream

How do you do it?

Steep your tea and let it cool while you get the rest of the ingredients ready. Pour the rum and coconut cream into an oversized glass. Fill with ice then add your tea. Give it a good stir! Top with whipped cream (however much your heart desires, we recommend just a little to cover the top), then drizzle a light spread of chocolate syrup and enjoy this cocktail for dessert.

Alternative: You can throw all of the ingredients into a blender with ice to make a slushie style drink.

Have you tried any of these? Are you a mixologist in the kitchen? Show us what you got and tag us in your creations on Instagram @HerbataCo!