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February - Pineapple Chocolate Tapas

Who doesn’t love a chocolate fondue? We sure do. To honor our love of chocolate covered fruits, we came up with Pineapple Chocolate Tapas. This delicious black tea is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth as we’ve paired luscious dried pineapple with real cocoa peel. The perfect combo!

We’ve done some fun things with this tea here at HQ. If you haven’t already drank all of your Pineapple Chocolate Tapas, try some of these fun ideas:

Make a Chocolate Milk Latte

It’s simple! Make a double strength tea, warm up a 1/3 c of chocolate milk on the stove, combine and enjoy. #addicting

Make it into Pancakes

Take your fave pancake recipe and steep the required water or milk with 2-3 tsp of loose tea. Such an easy way to impress next time you host brunch.

Use it as a Potpourri

Put your tea leaves in a decorative dish and enjoy the aroma! Want your car to smell like Pineapple Chocolate Tapas? Use one of the sachets we’ve provided you, fill it with tea, tape it shut and and place in a discreet car hiding place. Disclaimer: You may be nominated to drive your friends everywhere once they smell your car.

Make it into a Syrup

Take a simple syrup recipe (we like this one) and sub the water for steeped Pineapple Chocolate Tapas. We recommend this poured over your favorite fruit parfait.

Have any other creative ways to use this tea? Let us know in the comments!