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February - Crème Caramel Spice

Crème Caramel Spice is one of our favourite parts of the Kochanie box. This tea combines the perfect amount of sweet and spicy together to create one romantic blend. Crème Caramel Spice is a “Pu’erh” tea base that we’ve blended with real caramel balls, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and of course cinnamon.

If you haven’t tried Pu’erh before –you’ll notice that it’s much more mellow, rich and darker than your typical black tea. Pu’erh tea originates in China and has a huge cult following. As Pu’erh is a tea that’s aged, it just gets better (and more valuable) with time.

This is not your average tea leaf, Pu’erh goes through many steps of production to develop the earthy flavour, but the most important step is allowing the subtle chemical processes from fermentation to occur for a few years. The result? A rich, earthy and complex tea base that makes a perfect foundation for a dessert style tea like this one.

We love Crème Caramel Spice because it’s so versatile - enjoy it for your morning pick me up or have it with your cake. Protip: Try steeping your Pu’erh at different temperatures of water or steep your tea for a second time, every cup is different!

This tea also makes a great addition to your favourite sweet recipe. This month we made Crème Caramel Spice cupcakes – which we'll tell you all about shortly!

One of our favourite original cocktails comes from this wonderful blend as well. We know you won't even with this one.