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April is all about… Brunch

The theme for our April box is “Brunch.” At Herbata, we love our brunching! Get togethers with friends and family and trying new teas, new flavours and mixing them together to make perfect lattes or early afternoon cocktails. We know you’ll enjoy brunching with these as much as we did. And speaking of cocktails and lattes, this month blends into some of our favourites so far so don’t miss out on them when they come out!

Blueberry Scone

Just like Grandma used to make. Blueberry Scone is a Sri Lanken black tea blended with cornflowers and blueberries. Have this tea hot with a touch of honey and it’s almost like they’re coming fresh out of the oven. Try steeping this blend into pancake batter and adding real blueberries in for an extra treat this weekend.

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

This is our take on a childhood classic - sweet apple cinnamon pancakes. This smooth black tea is blended with cinnamon and the juicy flavor of apple, a brunch classic that’s sure to impress your guests. Want to take it further? Try it as a latte with your favourite milk. This one is also one of our favourite cocktails this month! So keep a look out for the recipe.

Pineapple Orange Juice

Your favorite brunch drink with a sweet pineapple twist! This is one of our favorites, a sweet rooibos tea blended with sweet orange, dried pineapple and safflowers. Try it as an iced tea for instant refreshment. If you want to kick up your brunch a notch, try adding a little coconut rum or our bubbly for a mimosa twist.

Vanilla Mocha

Whether you're a tea or coffee lover, what’s brunch without that delicious flavor of roasted beans? Vanilla Mocha is the best of both worlds, a rooibos tea blended with vanilla bean, cocoa nibs, and yep - you guessed it: coffee beans. The best part is? This tea is virtually caffeine free. Adding some simple flavours like Bailey’s into this will step it up a bit, but we’re also a fan of the cocktail this month.

We hope you enjoy your April teas! Each month we put our hearts into our selections, so we love to hear how you’re enjoying them. Let us know how you like the flavours, what you’re baking them into or if you’re a part-time mixologist in the livingroom!

With love, Herbata.